18 Months of Guilt to Go Before the NYC Marathon

The problem with knowing that I’m guaranteed admission into next year’s New York Marathon is that I now have 18 months to feel guilty about how little I’m going to train for it.  And now that we’re moving into Dallas summers, I’ll be even less inclined to run.  Distance guru Jeff Galloway says the secret to training injury free is walking.  I wonder if he means inside, between the couch and the refrigerator.  I guess it’s time for me to start reading Runners’ World again.  Like an idiot I agreed to go on a training run with my friend Jamie Crosbie.  I’ve since learned she’s a triathlete.  Great, one more sucker punch to my ego coming right up.  Jamie gets this week’s shout out in hopes that she’ll take it easy on my as we gear into mile three.

I was at a total loss to understand Twitter until a friend in the marketing business finally shamed me into getting an account of my very own and diving in.  I now tweet as @jeffwhittletx several times a day.  My tweets are the most interesting, witty, insightful 140 characters you can possibly imagine, and if you are not following me then your life is a but a hollow shell of what it could otherwise be.  Follow @jeffwhittletx.  You’ll be glad you did, or I’ll give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

For that matter, I was also dragged kicking and screaming into a commitment to set up a Facebook account.  It is now up and running, and I suspect that its updates are the high point of the day of all 20 people on the planet who “like” the page.  I’m told that having 20 people like your Facebook page is like having two people show up at your funeral.  Help me out here.  In addition to following @jeffwhittletx on Twitter, you should also like my Facebook page.  I know, I know, the depth of your excitement over this news knows no bounds.  It would also be nice if you could find some time to attend my funeral.

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