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Archive for May 2012

Not Having Fun Running Your Business? Blame Yourself.

You’ve heard me say it before…if business was easy we’d all be rich.  But just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.  And if you’re not having fun running your business, then you might want to look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can do about it. Because if you…

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Four Easy Ways To Annoy Your Employees

Last week we gave employees pointers on how to annoy the crap out of a boss.  Fair is fair.  This week we’ll look at tried and true strategies for managers to make sure that the people who work for them wish they didn’t. Learn how to annoy your employees like a pro. Tell them what…

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How To Reduce Workplace Stress

Nobody likes workplace stress.  And unless you’re just mean (and I know that some of you just are) you really don’t want to create stress in the workplace.  There’s an easy way to reduce stress in the workplace. Be clear with your expectations. People get stressed when they don’t know what to expect.  When that…

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Closing Deals? They Ain’t Over Til They’re Over.

Any Texas Ranger’s fan can tell you how far away you still are when you are an entire out away from winning the World Series.  It’s the same in business.  Stay focused.  No matter how close you are to the end of a deal, don’t let up.  You’re vulnerable, whether you know it or not.…

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How To Fire Someone Pt 4: Who To Fire? These people. Now.

Ever stand in the long ordering line at the deli and wonder why in the hell some people don’t even look at the menu until they get to the cashier?  Once they get there and actually realize “dude, I wonder what I want to eat”, there’s no hurry.  They take their time, leisurely leafing through…

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How To Annoy Your Boss In 4 Easy Steps

Don’t like your job?  It’s probably your bosses fault.  Repay the favor with these easy tips for getting under your bosses skin.  Come review time, you’ll be glad you learned how to annoy your boss.   Bring problems, not solutions First, you should remember that your boss has nothing much to do, really.  Liven up…

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The Best Networking Tips You’ll Ever Get

EOS, Traction, Executive Coaching, Delegate to Elevate, Dallas Consultant

Here’s a networking tip for honing your 30-second personal introduction at your next networking event.   Brace yourself, this is a radical idea. Here it comes…. Take less than 30 seconds. You know the drill.  You’re at a structured networking event and everyone wants to sell something to everyone else.  In return for having purchased a…

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How To: Four Fast Fixes to Drive Profits for Your Business

Not making all the money you want?  We didn’t think so.  Never forget that profits are not the same as revenue.  Before falling in love with your increasing top line, be sure you don’t lose sight of those things that make the difference in your bottom line: the things that drive profits. Working with business owners…

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Strategic Planning Process: Can You Break The Code?

One of our TAB members had a breakthrough realization at our last meeting.  I won’t name her here, but you can trust me that she’s real.  She broke the strategic planning process code.  Here’s her story. TAB’s Strategic Business Leadership (“SBL”) process is one of the great resources we provide to member business owners.  SBL…

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